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Lead Applicant Contact Information


Phone Number

Description of the project idea

  • How well does this tool address the needs of the media community?
  • How widely can it be used
  • Does the tool significantly reduce the burden on newsrooms? How?
  • Can it be successfully installed and used in different sized media outlets?
  • How do you plan to implement the idea following the Lab if you receive seed funding


Team members

(Names, roles, CVs attached)


  • What skills/resources/ideas?.
  • What role will each person in the team play in project development/ implementation?
  • If you are an individual applying, please tell us what your skills are and how you plan to develop and implement your idea

Team Members Details

Team Member Name
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Team Member Role
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Please provide CVs for all your team members and name the documents with First Name Initial and Full Last Name (example: JDoe.docx)
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(Names, roles, CVs attached) 

What types of professionals/mentors do you hope to connect with at the Lab? How do you envision those connections being useful to you in the future? Let us know about specific expertise you are looking for or even potential names! Also, think about non-media actors (business, NGO, government). Is there someone who would bring added value to your team? 

Digital content/Research/Advocacy portfolio (optional)

  • Did you consider this work successful?
  • Why or why not?
  • How could the project have been improved?

Please provide link(s) to any of your published research and any of your online and/or offline advocacy efforts.

Examples of Previous Projects
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Professional interests and skills 

Are there any topics related to digital security that you’d be interested in hearing about and/or attending a master class or a workshop about?