Artificial intelligence in journalism

23.12.2020. / 13:02

The Annual USAID BMAP Media Forum was held in October this year. This Forum provides an important opportunity to bring together representatives from USAID's BMAP partner media outlets across the region to share best practices and lessons learned, deepen their understanding of global and regional trends, and seed or strengthen partnerships to advance solutions to common challenges in content production and content monetization in the digital environment.

Our partners had opportunity to hear and discuss about the latest trends and changes in journalism, with special focus on covid-19 pandemic.

Dušan Mašić spoke about artificial intelligence. This lecture was focused on giving introduction to AI and how AI can help newsrooms and their businesses.

He is the Senior Business Development Manager for Balkans,  MENA & West Asia and is responsible for building the BBC’s family of partners and informing the development of new content in this part of the world. Since joining the BBC in 2007, BBC has pioneered two highly successful news and current affairs co-productions with independent broadcasters (radio and television respectively) in Serbia and Turkey. Both co-productions achieved significant increases in reach as well as innovating output that deepened impact. Dušan has more than twenty years’ experience in news journalism; including at senior editorial level where he ran the pressurized newsroom of Serbia’s lead independent national broadcaster B92 from 1996-2000.

Here you can watch his presentation. The presentation is in BHS language.

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